Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maundy Thursday (la-laaa, la-lala-la)...

... can't trust that day (la-laaa, la-lala-la).

Actually, you can trust it. It's a good day.

We finally returned home after 3,961 miles through 7 states over 17 days, with 16 nights in 8 cities (thank you Vonnetta for doing the math -- and the driving!).

After a good long sleep in one's own bed, one can start a day like this with confidence.


Maundy Thursday. So good to me.

It means Easter is coming, and Spring thunderstorms are brewing, and time with home and family are on tap for the weekend.

And this year, Maundy Thursday also means the 131st anniversary of the founding of Antonio Bay. In honor, I have added a special piece of music to the jukebox. 

Happy birthday to Stevie and all the gang in Antonio Bay -- and stay out of the fog!

Memories of Monsterpalooza coming soon -- I have to organize them into coherent posts, otherwise I'll just be blasting them around like the kid-pleasin' candy guts of a newly busted pinata.

For one, though, here's a cool shot of some very cool Topstone masks:

Please click to enlarge so you can get a good look. I know you remember these from the backs of comic books and magazines over generations of Hallowe'ens.


Happy Maundy Thursday.

See you later tonight.


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