Monday, April 18, 2011

Coming home to roost.

In a few days, at any rate.

We are heading east, after two wonderful weeks of friends, family and monsters (sometimes all in one).

Like our all too brief but very fun visit with loyal S&P-brain Shellhawk, maker of fine, fired Hallowe'en goodies -- works of art -- over at Shellhawk's Nest.

Of course she brought Ape along.

Who's Ape? Go to her blog and find out about Ape and a million other bits of Hallowe'en and horror coolness. And I'm sorry we never found a moment for a bite, a drink, and a few more laughs this time around, my dear. Whenever and wherever the next time is, it's on me. One CA-'80s Kid- Adam & The Ants fan to another.

Another definite high point for fanboy me and fangirl Vee:

James Hong (go to IMDB if you really don't know how many millions of times you've seen and heard this legendary actor since the '50s), the lovely Vonnetta and some geek who looks like Slimer.

Hong put on a 'Hong Show' in the event theatre on Saturday night, and Vee and I were helping out with crowd control and seating. It was impossible to get good pictures from where I was, but the moment he took the stage reprising his most popular role, the demoniacal Lo Pan from 1986's Big Trouble In Little China, we all went insane with applause!

This is the one decent shot I was able to get (the rest are blurry). But the whole event was fun, kinda weird, and very, very perfectly Monsterpalooza.

Oh, there's much more to show. Video of the Raven, if any of you are still remotely interested. Pictures, friends, stories. Soon, soon.

Until then, I hope you are all doing well, and getting ready for that Springtime holiday.

You know, Nosferhoptu's big day...


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  1. Ape and I thank you for the mention!

    And we'll catch you and Vee for some fun next time we're both in town at the same time. I can't wait!