Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's in a word?

I think this is going to be another pictureless post.

We'll see.

I've been a lazy layabout today -- a cold or something coming on, coupled with cold rainy weather, has made me decide that if I have little to do today, I will just take fluids and things and rest a lot to stave off anything too bad. I have four gigs, rehearsals and meetings over the next three days and cannot afford to miss any of it.

So, lounging about this evening, I was looking through the 'settings' of this ol' Skull & Pumpkin pub, and decided the word verification for comments needs to go away.

I still moderate the comments (they will not automatically post), but you will no longer have to type some indecipherable word that's all bent and warped beyond recognition just to leave a short quip or make a point.

Word verification is annoying, and I want to get rid of it.

But the reason all of this came up is because I found a text file about which I'd forgotten for some time, filled to the brim with some of the oddest and most hilariously goofy word verification 'words' I'd been asked to type just to prove I wasn't some spambot or other bad web thing.

So here are real word verification phrases I've been asked to type -- on my honor, these are true, accurate, real, not fake, not made up, honest-to-God words I've been prompted to type over the years.

The main thing is, they can be placed into some fairly obscure but pretty neat categories...

Very common are
Things Jerry Lewis Might Say:

Next most common are
Things That Might Be Obscene But Aren't Really:
RUBTIT (not making it up)

Also common are
Prescription Drugs or Tolkien Characters:

Then there are
Possible TV/Radio Stations:
KWAX (no duck jokes, I beg)

What about
Partial Names of Famous Composers:
KOFSKY (close!)

Or just the odd, loner phrase that makes you giggle...

HOCHEAP -- yes, usually

PYROPAL -- with friends like this...

IDEAD -- especially after hanging with my pyropal

SHPONSHA -- for a word from whom shtationsh take breaksh

DIDIA -- yes I did.

FARTIST -- how many of those do we all know?

Seriously, these are all quite real. And I have a hundred more on file.

Still, I am tired of the whole word verification thing.

So for now, you may comment with abandon, and never fear having to type things like VARFGRBAB or FLIRBT or AFTWAP ever again.

Oh, very well. I hate pictureless posts too. Here's one that is somewhat related:

I await the day when I'm asked to type

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