Saturday, April 9, 2011

Son of the Ghoul Goes West, part 10 am is naptime.

Well, where to start?

Nevermore the Raven is up and running, after some truly horrifying hours (hours!) of wondering why he wasn't working with everything hooked up right and configured properly -- it turned out I had inadvertently brought a serial adapter that was wired differently than the one I'd used while programming -- and after some tense minutes of clipping, stripping, twisting and taping, everything came to life!

With the invaluable assistance of Henner the Henchman, his trusty sidekick Mandy, and The Incredible V, I got everything up and running in the 'Vincent Price' tribute section of the Museum.

Now, this was Thursday afternoon (April 7th). By 7pm Thursday evening, we were attending a very fun high school production of Bye Bye, Birdie that featured the talents of my godson, Young Will (you remember him from this and other posts). 

After that, two starving people had to get a late night bite (of the normal human kind, sadly)... and then we had to get to sleep right away, because at 4:30 am Friday, we had to be up to take part in the very fun KTLA Morning News segments from Monsterpalooza, featuring the hilarious Allie MacKay.

Here she's interviewing the great artist Bob Lizarraga.

The videos of three of the segments can be seen on KTLA's site. I urge you to watch and listen for her quick razor wit. Her interviews and funny quips were seen by a lot of folks, because by the time the convention opened Friday evening, they were jam packed!

In the Museum, attendees were as awed and enthusiastic as last year, and the Raven was strutting his stuff. Well, Vincent's stuff, but the point is he's working and people are enjoying him.

Um, this is sideways. And I am waaaaaaay too tired to try to fix it now. Lean over.

I have plenty of pictures and video to post when I'm not as wiped out, and will be getting even more pics and vid  tomorrow... oh, tomorrow. Another long day, but full of reunions with friends and more monstery goodness.

From Monsterpalooza, Nevermore and me, have a good night.

Don't stay up too late, and lock up when you're done.



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