Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Son of the Ghoul Goes West, part 9 from Outer Space.

Well, not really from outer space.

It just feels like it.

We are nearing our destination, making good time, and are none the worse for wear.
Even Nevermore seems to be quite relaxed and at his ease, given his rapidly approaching Big Weekend Debut as Vincent Price.

He is a perfect traveling companion if you enjoy stony, brooding silence. Never even asked to stop for the raven's room. He just waited patiently until we got to a gas station, and while we pumped the car with $673,268.42 worth of gas (oil producers are criminals, and don't ever tell me otherwise), he took it all in stride.

More travel today, and very shortly, MONSTERPALOOZA!

As the Ghost Host would say, "I'll see you all... a little later!"


1 comment:

  1. The perfect travelling companion indeed! I have a couple of family members I'd like to offer in trade for him! :D