Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Son of The Ghoul Goes West, part 666.

Hi there S&P brains!

It's been a busy stretch of nights down in the basement/laboratory underneath the ol' Skull & Pumpkin.

As most of you know, Monsterpalooza is just around the corner, and your humble Pubkeep and his much, much better half are going to be driving out to Burbank for the entire convention weekend.

Coming with us at the invitation of Eliot Brodsky -- Mister 'Palooza himself -- Nevermore the Raven will be on display at this year's Museum, but in disguise...

Yes, Nevermore is all dressed up in tribute to the late, beyond-magnificently-great Vincent Price in honor of Price's centennial year!

I just thought he needed a little panache, something Vincent would have approved with a low, luxurious chuckle. I put the vest together and added the watch fob chain and carnation, and then I realized he needed those little glasses, as a reference to one of my favorite Price/Poe/Corman films, The Tomb of Ligeia (1964).

While not screen accurate (I had to add the metallic frame paint or the glasses disappeared against his black feathers), I think the Verdon Fell glasses are a great finishing touch, and add a little something extra that Price and Poe lovers will appreciate.

And yes, he will be speaking nothing but Price poetry, about a ten minute routine that will repeat the entire weekend, just as Uncle Forry did last year.

Listen for yourself.

I wrote "listen" because the video is so poor, but it gives you a nice idea of what is to come.

The organ music is from the mighty monstery mind of the late Verne Langdon, who had been the Monster of Ceremonies at the last two Monsterpaloozas (-paloozi?) and would have been for this coming 'palooza but is instead having it dedicated to his memory. Miss you, Verne.

So... whew! just about done with everything.

There will be more of Nevermore (does that even make sense?) as we get to Monsterpalooza. I'll keep everyone apprised like last time, and I really look forward to the entire experience, once again.

What a thrill it is to display my own hobby work among the professional works of so many luminaries in the field, and what an amazing honor to be tributing Mr. Price at one of the now-premiere horror conventions in the world, in the year of his one hundredth birthday.



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  1. I have to admit that I am really, really in love with this prop. Usually, I "like" stuff and move on. This one on the other hand just fascinates me.

    You have done some stunning work their my friend. I bow to your awesomeness!

    Have fun at the show.