Sunday, January 2, 2011

And the seasons...

Weren't we just talking about the circularity of life?

Just after I posted the previous entry, I received some sad news.

Musician, singer, composer, makeup artist, mask maker, actor, puppeteer, and all around nice and funny fellow Verne Langdon has passed away.
September 15, 1941 --- January 1, 2011

Such a talented man, an interesting character with a really unique and storied life.

He was responsible, in whole or in part, for much that created the Monster Kid Craze of the mid-20th Century. For his work on the Don Post 'Calendar Masks' alone, he ought to have a monstrously-sized statue somewhere.

But he did so many other important things, contributed to or created from whole cloth so much that we horror-lovin' folk have come to know and love. And talk about a musician -- he studied with Korla Pandit, played on radio and television, even composed and produced albums of spooky organ and harpsichord music that have become as iconic to Monster Kids as the Aurora Models or the aforementioned Calendar Masks.

Click all the links and explore the amazing career of this remarkable artist.

I'd known of Verne and his works since childhood, but I actually met him through my travels to Monsterpalooza, where he was Master of Ceremonies in 2009 and 2010 (and looked for all the world like he would be in 2011).

 Sure he looks a little green, but what healthy monster doesn't?

It's sad to think I won't be seeing him this April. 

Yet another of the greats has passed. Another piece of musical, monstery, magical history has left us.

A toast, to an amazing man. 


Rest peacefully, Verne Langdon.

P.S. What are you thinking, 2011? I thought I asked you to slow things down. Damn.


  1. :( Agreed, very sad. And I agree with you....I told 2011 NOT to act like 2010, 2010 was not a good role model :D


  2. I was so very jolted and saddened by the news. Verne was a generous, talented and funny fellow, and a friend. I will miss him.