Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Short spookies.


Come in, come in.

Good gravy it's freezing out there! No snow or ice but the wind is getting a little persistent and our bones need a bit of warmth.

Reminds me of when we'd sit around the late evening Autumn campfire...

You know, I'm not great at remembering the classic, drawn out, legendary ghost tales. I mean, I remember them, oh yes I do, and can in seconds be brought right back to my very young, impressionable, shivering self when I recall many of them...

The Golden Arm.

Johnny, Give Me Back My Liver.

Thump-Thump-Drag (ooh, that one did me in!).

But I cannot remember how to tell them just so. I do most of my spooky storytelling with imagery, puppetry, set design, music.

However, it is very easy to remember the three shortest ghost tales I have ever heard.

Gather 'round... it will only take a second.


Two strangers met on the road, laughing at their chance meeting in the nighttime solitude.
"It's a good thing I don't believe in ghosts," laughed the first.
"You don't?" said the other as he vanished.


The very last person in the whole world sat alone in the dark house.
Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.


I awoke in darkness, wishing for a match. Then a match was put into my hand.

And lastly...


See? I told you it would be brief.

Anyone have any good short ghostly tales to share? I'll post 'em up for all (maybe with a few embellishments and pictures, of course!) and we can roast some marshmallows, sip some cider or cocoa.

OH! What's that noise?


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  1. Your blog always makes me smile. Thanks for that. :)

    Don't know many short stories. But a few songs about ghosts. Everytime that I travel to the UK these two songs come to mind John Barelycorn by Burns and The Unquiet Grave (traditional) - both versions that I listen to most are by Scottish guitarist Robin Laing.