Monday, March 21, 2011

Kiara, the crayontastic kid.

Listen up, good S&Pers.

Just a few nights ago, the as-you-all-know-by-now-light-of-my-life Kiara worked up a fascinating study in abstract horror I thought I should share.

So proudly I present:
Green-faced Legless Long Tailed Cat with Vampire Who Turned Cat
Into a Vampire Cat, with Arrows and Blood Trails
12 x 17", crayon on cut-up grocery bag, 2011

It's a real beauty.

She told us that the cat has this really really long tail that the vampire bit thinking it was the cat's neck, but it didn't work right away because it was the cat's tail, you see.

Then, the blood from the bite went up through the tail and outside the tail to the cat's face, which turned green because now the cat's a vampire cat, and his fangs send blood back down to the tail and the vampire.

Totally makes sense.

Here's the vampire, sending his vampire blood like lightning along the tail. Complete horror.

The Vampire Cat has these enormous fangs that 'send blood'. You can also
see the legless bean-shaped body, and the base of the longest cat tail
the art world has ever seen.

It exhibits a kind of unbound artistic abandon to which Picasso, dare I say even Dali, would tip their respective  berets.

It also makes me smile.

It will adorn the walls of this delightfully dark den of decor, forevermore.

 Kiara, the artist. The Kiartist.

The next time we have her over, I am going grab the camera and have her tell us a scary story.
In dim red light with a flashlight held below her face, as she now does.
There may be exploding dogs in it. 

Proud Pa.


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