Saturday, March 12, 2011

A million votes of electricity.

I know.

But there's a good reason for such a bad pun.

You see, once again, it is time for each and every one of you to vote for your favorite horror-related films, magazines, TV shows, albums, DVDs, toys, websites and other goodies in the Ninth Annual
                                                              RONDO AWARDS!

Every year, a ballot is compiled, and posted for ANYONE WHO WISHES TO VOTE to copy and paste into an email, and vote away. 

The beauty is, there is no corporate sponsor, no advertising, no pressure or influence.

All that is required is that you only vote on the categories you know about, and ignore the rest should you desire.

The only deciding factor for all nominees is plurality of votes -- honestly, it's just a matter of getting as many votes as possible. 

And the winner receives one of these:

Based on the real life mug of the acromegalic, unsung character actor Rondo Hatton...

 ... the award is a real treasure in the realm of horror fandom. See, because it's earned solely by the good faith support and commendative votes of your peers, receiving a Rondo is a very serious honor. 

Now, far be it from me to try to influence your vote in any way -- we're fair and impartial here at the ol' S&P -- but like last year's request, I am asking for your consideration of a blog.

Not this blog which, as we all know, is such a fine blog that it is far beyond the stain and smearing of mere human contests and awards. I mean, duh!

But the very cool Pierre Fournier has been running a remarkable blog for some time called Frankensteinia which celebrates the brilliance of the Monster and all of its varied and fascinating manifestations in the culture over the years. I have felt this way for a long time: keeping alive the spirit of classic horror in its own unique way, Frankensteinia one of the best written, most pleasing and praiseworthy blogs you could hope to find, and deserves any and every award that comes its way... but especially, for this year, a coveted Rondo.

Just go copy the ballot, vote, and e-mail it to the address given on the Rondo website. Be sure to vote for Frankensteinia for Best Blog. And then spend the rest of your days perusing the visual, speculative, artistic and cultural history of one of the world's most iconic monster archetypes.

Fournier's brilliance is in his choice of subject matter, his treatment of said, and his fearlessness in following a trail (of thought or evidence) to its logical, Frankenstein-loving conclusion. He is followed by many, and his posts are legend in horror circles.

Oh just go already. Vote for him -- you only have until March 27! -- then read him.

It is as deserving of your time as it is your vote. Trust me.


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