Sunday, March 27, 2011

One more chance...

... for you to cast your vote(s) in the fan-created, fan-supported, fan-voted Rondo Awards!

There was a slight typo/misunderstanding on the Rondo website that led many to be confused about the actual deadline. But the deadline is midnight tonight, Sunday the 27th.


I wish once more to convince, influence, cajole, beg on my knees for you to go to the site, copy and paste the ballot into your favorite word program, and vote only on the categories you wish -- seriously, if you don't know anything about a category, wing it or leave it out; I promise there will be no Horror Fan Goons knocking on your door at 4 am.

All I beg, quite unfairly and rather undemocratically, is that you at least vote for these nominees in these categories:

For Best Independent Film or Documentary:
  Aurora Monsters: The Model Craze That Gripped The World

Best Blog:
Best Horror Comic:
  Bela Lugosi's Tales From The Grave (Monsterverse)

There are plenty of other categories and nominees for which I've voted -- best website, best convention (care to take a guess?), best toy, and so on. Every nominee is quite deserving, and it's a tough series of choices for the fanatical follower of horror culture.

But I'll leave the rest to you. I just wanted to make sure that you loyal S&Pers knew about the deadline 'extension' and the chance to get your votes in!

Send your completed ballot to David Colton -- -- before midnight tonight!

Thank you in advance.

I'm the Pubkeep and I approve this message...

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  1. All good choices! Definitely voted. Looking forward to seeing the winners.