Monday, November 8, 2010

Who says

that Hallowe'en fun is over?

Certainly not my frozen pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins (nor my Fall tablecloth, my retro-lookin' napkins or my little paring knife).

There's still plenty of Hallowe'en goodness to be found, and sometimes it just gets handed to you.

Just this past Saturday evening, my friends Joyce and Virginia gave me
this great photo -- two creeps who are quite ready for a night of
spooky Hallowe'en fun! Thanks ladies!

Of course, there are always good deals to be found after the Big Night, and among the other things I usually stock from after-Hallowe'en sales (foam skulls, make up, wigs, etc.), I found some very cool items that were (not kidding) TWENTY CENTS each.

A tablecloth with this pattern...
 I'd used one just like it this year, so now I'll have it next year too!

... and these gift bags, which will likely be used for Christmas gifts, because these are way cooler than any Christmas gift bag on the way (you know it):


How great are these? Franky, Mummy, Drac and a cute little Witch. For two dimes. Twenty pennies. A quarter minus a nickel.
Way too fun.

Hallowe'en never ends. Remember that.


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  1. You bet, I always stock up on Halloween gift bags (and even some of the large, non-see through treat bags) for Christmas presents. Everyone always knows which gifts came from me!