Friday, November 19, 2010

Just a reminder.

I've just received a few very laughable comments from new visitors asking me why it's some big deal posting video of things I bought or paid to have built. One actually suggested that I was doing a "disservice to 'real' haunters" by passing off someone else's work as my own (or at least not giving credit where it's due, etc.).

I know.

There will always be Ignorami... and Ignorami think and express some very ignorant things.

One fellow said that the Lean Bros. & Ghoul was ripping off Bob Robertson's really superb Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers. Click the name to go see some fantastic work.

I had to explain that it was in fact the Lean Bros & Ghoul that inspired Bob and others to create their own versions. Here is the proof for anyone who really needs it -- a 13 page thread on the Hallowe'en Forum beginning in 2006. In the first few posts, Bob himself makes the mention.

A reminder, folks, just in case you're among those newer S&P patrons who haven't yet done it... please look to your right and find the link that reads 'Is this your first visit to the ol' S&P?'.

Click it. Or just click here.

In reality, I appreciate the sideways compliments, because what these folks are really saying is they can't believe I did this on my own, with scrounged materials and little budget.

The Lean Bros. & Ghoul remain the first of their kind.

I remain your humble pubkeep.



  1. Nice!

    I have similar issues with people who accuse me of using molds for my hand-thrown pottery, and get angry when I won't "admit" it.

    Oh, well. At least they're paying attention!

  2. Don't you just love it when people make assumptions?

  3. Haha, exactly! Remarkable assumptions too -- I'd LOVE to know who they think really made these, or where they think I simply bought this stuff -- things would've been SO much easier!
    And Shellhawk, isn't there a line about 'if they're shooting at you, you're doing something right'?
    A funny and strange little hiccup in the history of the Skull & Pumpkin.

  4. @ Mike C. -

    Glad to have found this page. It is indeed true that my work on Sindy Skinless and the Decomposers was inspired directly from your work on The Lean Bros. & Ghoul which came first. I even used the same song you did for my first routine! Credit is indeed given in the early pages of the Halloweenforum Thread. Anyway, just wanted to go on record so you would have it from the horse's mouth! I was and still are a great fan of your work!

    Bob Robertson

  5. Hey Bob! Long time no see!

    Yes sir, I remember very well that you gave credit immediately in that thread (one of the reasons I posted a link to it, so these weirdos thinking I stole from you could read both of our words on the subject!) and I was always very grateful to you for your kind nod to my humble work and for your Hallowe'en Haunter friendship on the board. And in fact I *believe* you PM'ed or emailed me before going too far into it just to be sure you weren't stepping on toes.
    Not that it would've been a problem otherwise -- no one person owns the rights to make cool props! -- but it was a very cool thing to do. And I am very glad you left your comments and have finally found the ol' S&P. Good to have you old buddy!

    Your Humble Pubkeep