Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I don't scrapbook.

I really don't.

I like the idea of it, and I suppose this little old S&P is a kind of scrapbooking project with added features -- and with Blogger and Firefox I use an application for saving all of my pages and pics which is actually called Scrapbook!

But I never really dug the whole scrapbook thing.

I remember seeing the baby books and scrapbooks my mom and her friends used to have; the covers of the books were like charm necklaces glued to plastic baby's breath and tiny pastel flowers, with miniature toy bottles, little rocking horses, diapers (!?) and other baby things glued onto every single millimeter of the padded cover.

Kinda turned me off of the whole notion.

But then I found a really cheap (after-Hallowe'en sale!) set of scrapbook decorations.

 Holy Monsters!
These little guys are the coolest.
Lookit Frankie's eye!

And they come with little gems and bats and moons and pumpkins and
now I have become my mom's old friends.

See? More Hallowe'en to be found. 


God bless it.



  1. almost time to hit the early bird at Applebee's old man . .:)

  2. Like you, I also "discovered" the Halloween scrap-book supplies this year, and I bought some on impulse. Glad I had them, because I needed something to put on the dining room wall and I made a pic out of them.
    It's the 4th photo on this blog entry:
    (Not a very good photo, but it is 3-D)