Monday, November 15, 2010

A taste of Nevermore.

Hello, S&P-brains!

It's only been four days but it feels like it's been so long since I last visited.

It has been a very busy stretch, with lots of odd jobs and short notice work; add a nice, unpleasant head cold to the top of the whole thing and you'll have some idea of how I've felt the last week or so.

But it's good to be back for a bit.

You've kept the place nice and dark and dusty and perfect, just as I like it! Thank you!

I brought with me the first of a series of videos I will be posting over time. My brother Chris (Mr. Jack's dad) took video on the 30th and the 31st, and as we work on getting it all into one well-edited, cool-looking package, I think it'd be cool to show this bit I just worked up for fun.

I'm just playing with transitions and audio layering, and you'll get to see The Raven, Nevermore, as he finished up the evening.

And if it reminds anyone of a certain acting legend as he closed a certain legendary radio broadcast... well, it was completely intended.

Ol' Nevermore will be back, along with the Pirates and the Lean Bros. & Ghoul. But I'll need to get different editing ware, I think -- the video Chris took is so clean and neat, but by the time I get it to the S&P it loses much of its color and clarity. Hhmmm... durn this newfangled technology!

Stay tuned-



  1. Absolutely brilliant!

    He even sounds like Orson Bean!

    Just kidding . . .That was a pretty sweet tribute to that Other Orson and the Mercury Theatre. And that organ music was an especially nice touch.
    Every year it gets better and better. Is Nevermore headed to any cons along with Forry this year?


  2. Wow, your impersonation of Vincent Price is dead-on!

    That was fantastic. Wanna move to Santa Rosa next year?

  3. Well, Dragonmamma, what your otherwise kind compliment means is that my Orson Welles impression was dead-*OFF*, haha!

    But moving to Santa Rosa? Hhmmm... I was born and raised in SoCal, and always loved heading north to Santa Rosa, all the Napa and Sonoma sights and sounds (and tastes, hoo-boy!). I could live there, surely.

    Unless you mean Santa Rosa NM, in which case, I've never been... send me a brochure, haha!

  4. Santa Rosa . . .hmm. Isn't that where Smiler Grogan buried a briefcase full of cash under a big W?

    Or was that the place where Kevin McCarthy found those big pods?

  5. Hahaha!
    Now you're REALLY testing my geekitude, Fester!
    -"Da Big Dubble-ya" was in Santa Rosita State Park.
    -Dr. Miles met his final pod horror in Santa Mira.
    Amazing how much being a nerd can fill your head with remarkably useless knowledge, hahaha!

  6. Yes, I do mean Santa Rosa in Sonoma County, N. California, where some scenes from Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt were filmed.

    (Just kiddin' ya about the impersonation. I knew darn well who inspired you!)