Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Old tubes, and a birthday boy.

Hello again, S&P'brains!

I was cleaning up from last night's Possessed Girl party, and heard the ol' Hallowe'enith radio begin to buzz and squeak, and sure enough, there are two new shows for us.

The first is a tribute to the 123rd anniversary of the birth of one William Henry Pratt, known to the world as Boris Karloff, the King of Movie Monsters!
It's a January 1945 broadcast of Duffy's Tavern, and while it's a bit noisy in spots (these recordings were never in Hi-Fi or Stereogooglophonical whatever), it's pure OTR, pure funny, and pure Karloff.

Happy birthday, Boris!

The second is a more recent show -- October 1973 -- produced by WKBW 1520AM in Buffalo, NY. The Darkness is a story written for a 1960's album by the radio legend Arch Oboler, but the staff at WKBW really made a fantastically gruesome, atmospheric go of it for a Hallowe'en Night broadcast.

It's a fitting show for the recent bout of '70s Horror Nostalgia I've been enduring.

Enjoy the radio.

Those tubes'll keep you warm...



  1. I'm confused...where are the links to listen to the shows?

  2. SORRY, Dragonmamma... there's a picture of the old Hallowe'enith radio on the LEFT of the main page, three pic's down from the top of the page (Your Host, then Monsterplaooza, then the radio). It's a radio dial, can't miss it. Below that is a playlist, that right now should say 'Duffy's Tavern' and 'The Darkness'. Click the names, you'll hear the shows.