Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still recovering.

Not Post-Hallowe'en Blues (a pox upon the notion!), just simple fatigue. I'm getting... older. 

We got all the goods -- lighting, power supplies/cables, props, stands, heads, hands, skulls & pumpkins -- back in storage, and in relatively organized fashion.

My basement laboratory is in shambles, of course. I really need to put it all back together, this time with less clutter and better access to tools and space, and I should probably get it all done pretty soon.


... is coming, and this time around I'm going to have some time to make something especially for the Museum.

I don't really know yet what I'm going to do for Monsterpalooza this year, though I imagine the Raven may have to be in there because damnit, he worked way too good and there's got to be something to do with him... but no matter what I make, one has to start with a clean, well-appointed laboratory, right?

I will get video of that Raven and our Hallowe'en 'show' soon, that's a promise.

Enjoy your libation, please relax, the place is yours too.

Safe travels to Young Will & Family. We miss you already.


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  1. "just simple fatigue. I'm getting... older."

    As I always say: It beats the heck out of the alternative!
    Rest up--you've had a busy week or two. I'm still amazed by what you created--and from scratch!

    Oh, and thanks for adding the new tunes to the jukebox. With all respect to your friends, and I'm sure they are very nice, the mere mention of Jim Stafford's song caused "Spiders and Snakes" to echo through my skull nonstop for most of a day. Funny thing--I had not heard it in years--but I could remember all the words. I cannot remember what I had for breakfast but I could remember his song. Guess thats why it was a hit. The new tunes helped reshelve "that song."