Friday, July 3, 2009

The What & Whoozits?

I find it fairly funny when I tell people that I have a blog now, they say 'YES! Finally, we've been saying it for years!' but when I then tell them the name, they get this look of confusion.

"Eh? Skulls and Pumpkins? That might be 'descriptive' but it sure isn't very clever or unique..."
Correction only slightly allays their concern.

"You are trying to run an online pub?" (Not kidding, I got this one this past week from someone young/tech savvy enough to know better).

I just wanted a cool name.

I like pubs.

I love skulls and pumpkins.

It's that simple.

I dig the idea of a little public house dedicated to the spookier things in my life, celebrating Hallowe'en and horror with family, friends and passersby needing a quick shot of Autumn -- the kind of place I wish I could discover on some chilled evening, along some old, stone-paved road.

So I add my own creations, and oftentimes (by permission or default) the creations of others.

If there was a pub in Hallowe'entown, or beside the Haunted Mansion, or on the block around the corner from the Addamses; if the October family of myriad Ray Bradbury stories had a regular watering hole (beer, blood, it's all good); if there was a tavern in the neighborhood beyond Linus' very sincere pumpkin patch; if all my favorite monsters had an after hours hangout...

...I would want it to be like this.

Well, real and made of stone and wood, etc., but you get the idea.

So send me pics. Tell me stories, set down and get into it, let's shoot the breeze about
all things All Hallow's.

Spook on-


  1. Fair Enough, Mike.

    My favorite piece of Halloween advice is: don't schedule minor surgery for October 31. About 20 years ago, I made that mistake. The Dr had given me some sort of pre-surgery prescription, which I dutifully took. As a result I was a bit woozy when I arrived at the surgery. It was dark and raining torrents outside-- the first omen. When I was ushered into the room by a receptionist dressed as a werewolf, I was a bit nervous. When the nurse came in dressed as a witch, I considered leaving, but instead meekly lay doen on the exam table and let her give me a tranquilizer injection. Then the Doctor arrived. He was dressed as a mad scientist with fake blood all over his lab coat. The next thing I knew, a mummy nurse was waking me, telling me I was done and could leave when I felt ready to.

    Fester (dave)

  2. HAHA! Aw man, I think I would've been more comfortable in that hospital than at any other in my life! That's hysterical Dave.
    The sad thing for me is, if I had to have MAJOR surgery, I would not do it on Hallowe'en... what does that say about my priorities?

  3. The Doc called it a minor procedure.
    To me, it was pretty major.

    Mad scientists, witches and vasectomies make for a strange Halloween.


  4. Funny, I had the same experience, Fester--


    And I woke up a severed head....

  5. Went in for a vasectomy, now you need an 'addanecktome', Max.

  6. Hello from the "Crypt"... still trying to get into the Halloween spirit....a bit late I know ...but better late than never ...
    A Halloween based Pub sounds great....
    here by myself feeling rather miserable....
    the Doctor

  7. Welcome Dr. Theda! And listen, you don't have to feel miserable, because Autumn People are often alone, but that's what the S&P is here for -- to join us across distance in a common love for all things All Hallow's! Remember, Hallowe'en is a state of mind and heart, any time of the year, and you are most welcome to get into the Hallowe'en spirit here 24/7, 365. Drinks on the house, Doc!