Friday, July 31, 2009

And speaking of pubs...

Here at the Skull & Pumpkin, we take our bar seriously. So... Behold! Kong... or something kind of apelike...

I guess this will make him a Monkey Bar *ya-dat-dat-tadat-dat-BOOM!*
I must explain. I DID NOT MAKE THIS thing. It was made by I don't know whom for a show here in town (pretty much a tribute to Mighty Joe Young; a girl played piano and this was underneath halfway through the song, lifting and turning her and the piano). When it had outlived whatever usefulness it once had, it found its way to my back porch (I have an image of it crawling slowly up our hill to get to my house, terrifying or amusing people along the way... I think like that).

Fittingly, it would have to crawl up Animal Safari Road to get to our house.

So... it had been living on my back porch for years.
Taking up space.
Becoming a spider apartment complex.
Eating all the bananas.

At any rate, we are turning our deck theming from pirates to old jungle safari (we're not Disneyland fans or anything) and V said 'You know, we need a monkey up here. Maybe a really big one holding up the bar..."
I thought it was a great idea! "YEAH!," I said, "like it was crashing through the decking, holding up our bar like some backstreet wino Mighty Joe Young!" Or something, I don't recall.

No it's not a Hallowe'en prop, though I suppose I will have it in the display one of these years should it survive its term on the deck.
Yes, I will be making it look better than this -- at the moment he looks like Nicholas from Eight Is Enough wearing a fanged Ewok costume. I will paint new eyes, add better teeth (or at least make the current ones better), and we'll fashion a bar top for it. OH, and we'll add splintered wood planks around him to make it look like... well, whatever, you get the idea. I'll update when I do.

And I know his name is Adam Rich. I was trying to be funny.

Ape out-

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  1. Yes, he does look like Adam Rich, but for half a sec, I thought you were NAMING him "Adam Rich" (as opposed to "Joe" or "Kong"). That would have been wrong. Very wrong.
    Need to find our record player for you- and have other stuff to send as well. Lazy ass sister you have!
    Love 4E as well- looks fab, and I agree ahout no lenses, but also because you're going to want to keep the lower lids visible and expressive, and you might need to do that with lighting as well. heh heh, "Awakenings"...heh...