Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hallowe'en 2009 Report from the Laboratory.

Hallowe'en's a-comin'.
This afternoon I was working on a design change for my Uncle Forry animatron, and hit a snag which required a complete stoppage of work until a few parts can be located (or flat out created from whole cloth... or metal, in this case).
I hate that.
However, I wasn't about to waste the afternoon so I decided to begin making my 'life-sized' Hitchhiking Ghost trio.
Yes, this year is the 40th anniversary of the greatest dark ride ever, Disney's Haunted Mansion.
In tribute, I am attempting to recreate some of the iconic imagery from that classic attraction.
Got these basic sculpts done in fairly short order:

This may not look much like the fuzzy prisoner 'Gus', but once I've painted him up all teal and glowy, and added his signature ZZ Top-level beard and hair, he'll be perfect.
And here's ol' Ezra, the hat-doffing hitcher. Of course, he's wearing that classic Haunted Mansion skeletal grin, seen all over the Mansion grounds. They're nowhere near being complete, of course. I do this much early, so they can dry and set and get all that out of the way, then I fill in cracks and give a final coat of glow paint. The details of the ears and eyes will be painted in at that time.

And yes, I'm doing Phineas too, just didn't have time to get to him today. Patience.

Hopefully they'll be thumbing their way through the night come this All Hallow's Eve.

I'll be back with more Lab Reports as progress warrants.

Spook Lives-


  1. Wow!

    Those are looking great. Can't wait to see the finished creeps.



  2. Can't wait to get 'em finished, Dave! I'm more worried about how/where I'm going to find that luminescent but transparent material in which they seem to be draped. Stuff was around in the 60's when they built the attraction so it can't be some secret modern thing. I'm sure I'll make it work but I'd love for it to look 'really' right, you know?

  3. From what I've seen of you and your work, I'm certain you'll make it look just right.


  4. I'm not sure, but I seem to recall someone telling me he once used some of that net-like stuff they use for bridal veils. He then sprayed it lightly with some uv sensitive clear laquer (maybe hairspray).
    Maybe that will do the trick.


  5. It certainly would fluoresce beautifully, and I have a s*** load of that kind of material in varying meshes/thicknesses, so good idea, thanks. You know what would be incredible... you've seen those day-glo plastic products, clipboards or rulers, etc., made of transparent but very hot pink or orange or green, right? If someone made a thin material of that stuff, I'd be in business.

  6. I know a couple of guys that work at a display business mannikins, props, store window decor). I'll ask them if they know of anything like that.


  7. Amazing as usual Mike. Can't wait to see them finished!

    Yer UMA bud,