Thursday, July 30, 2009

Uncle 4E, Redux Redux.

Just an UPDATE... I got a lot more work done today:
-Painted lower eyelids to better match uppers, check.
-Moving-independent-of-each-other eyebrows, check.
-Better side-to-side eye mechanism and movement, check.
-Better moustache, check.
-Beat the rogue neck-turning servo into submission. Czech.
-Better animation/puppeteering, check. I think... I do like the 'radio on' expression.

I have to trim those brows a bit, and make a good wig for him, of course. Hell, I might be able to make a wig from the amount I trim off the brows; I don't recall him ever looking anything like Leonid Brezhnev. Or Sir Robert Morley. Or even Andy Rooney for that matter.

And I must spend a LOT of time programming and making him as real and warm and kooky as possible.
In 92 days.
Along with everything else I need to do.

I'm tired.

But happy so far. Very happy.



  1. This is very cool! (Halloween is tied as my favorite holiday.) Nice work! (My sister-in-law does special FX makeup and such, and I think she'd love to see what you're up to...I'm going to forward her the link if that's OK).

  2. Please feel free! And thanks for your kind words and for stopping in to the ol' S&P. Don't be a stranger!