Thursday, July 30, 2009

Uncle 4E, Redux.


I know. What in blazes is that?!?

One of the reasons I've been away from the ol' S&P is it's only 90-odd days (and boy are they ever odd!) until showtime and I've got lots to create. I knew I'd be away for most of the week; s'why I posted quite a bit to chew on for a while, during the previous week.
I figured the four people who frequent this establishment wouldn't mind.

At any rate, I'll tell you what in blazes is that. Inside the new Uncle Forry's skull, is what in blazes is that. A big, wiry, R/C servo group hug with hot glue and pan screws for flavor.
So far, this version seems promising.

I haven't added his eyebrows yet (they will move), or all the other decor, but it's moving (and moving along) pretty well, and with some programming/puppeteering practice (*ptui!*) I'll have him looking less like William Hickey having a stroke and more like 4E telling a story.

These two videos show two different programming tests (and a different lighting scheme). I threw the moustache and glasses on to aid in the programming; with style comes character comes personality, and so on.

I like his eyes better on this pass, but to be fair to the previous pass, it's hard to see the movement behind the glasses. This is why we proto and test. I now realize the glasses I use will not have lenses.
Another thing about his eyes... Forrest had a great sense of humor and his eyes always seemed to be smiling. The lower lids were always 'up', so to speak. I made his lower lids look that way, and I think it adds to that personality... I just haven't painted them to match the uppers yet, so he looks like he's suffering from sleep deprivation instead.

Also... I know we don't move our heads this much or this drastically (spastically) while telling a story in real life. When you're testing, you go extreme, and if there's an axis of movement available, you take it! So the tests will look like Forry Ackerman Starring in 'Awakenings'... but fear not.
It'll all work out.

More to come.


  1. I'm sure Forry would approve!


  2. I've always wanted to get inside Forry's head. Thanks for letting me, Mike!

    Grand job, as usual.