Thursday, July 23, 2009

Constant Rotation, the first part.

As mentioned in the '100 Day Dash' post, this is the time when I corral all the necessary ingredients for a constructive, creative 3 month Making HaBuild your own custom video playlist at embedr.comllowe'en session.
Anyone who does this sort of thing will tell you: it's important to have the tools and supplies, but it's at least as important to have the right soundtrack at all times.
Whether it's from CDs, DVDs, VHS, or even vinyl (of course I have a turntable... what am I, new?), I must have certain audio constantly floating around and through my creative soul.
It helps me think. It lets me blank out for those days-long sessions of cutting PVC to make a dozen zombies, helps me groove out when a mid-afternoon paint job becomes a 'must rethink the whole color scheme' graveyard shift (so to speak).
This and the next series of posts will give you an idea of what I like to have in constant rotation while I make Hallowe'en happen.

And thanks to YouTube, I can actually show you much of the things I have running in the background for the next three months.

In March of 1970, The Wonderful World of Disney ran this special, 'Disneyland Showtime'. It featured Kurt Russell, The Osmond Brothers, and E.J. Peaker running around the park, and in the fabulous final ten minutes, a terrific mini-documentary on The Haunted Mansion, which had just opened some six months before.
While tinkering, this entire special runs at least twice a day on my DVD player (I burned it to save the old 'Vault Disney' VHS I had for a decade), and now you may enjoy it in five parts.
What's really cool is, I tend to see Wayne and Jay (Osmond) on Hallowe'en when they visit my house, and it's like a full circle feeling. Our families have been friends since before I was born, but it's awfully cool to talk to them about their vocal parts on 'Golden Rainbow' (see video 4/5) or have them compare my stuff to the Mansion (they are Disneyland, Haunted Mansion and Hallowe'en fanatics too!)...

At any rate, click and enjoy:

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