Wednesday, July 22, 2009

See the previous post first.

A quick thought.

Notice the Ezra sculpt from a few posts back.

Now, note that in the below image where Ezra is next to Phineas, I have not touched a thing on Ezra; if anything, in regular light he looks worse than before because of the stretching and cracking which always happen with paper-based compounds. It's why I begin such pieces earliest -- repairs/rebuilds are easier in August than on October 15th.

But the point is, in COLORED L.E.D. LIGHT, Ezra looks damn near finished! Oh, he needs some pupils and some real contrast but seriously, LIGHTING covers up so much that you'd otherwise find wanting.

I look at it in real light and think 'UGH! Fingerprints, cracks, smudges!'.

I look at it in colored light and think 'Sweet. I'm done with this one!'.

Just a beginner's tip for builders and the aspiring artist types in Hallowe'en Display Land. With the right lighting and placement (among other factors) your 'I dunno if it's really good enough' prop becomes more than good enough.

Try not to try too hard.



  1. Fascinating, Mike. Thanks for bringing us all through the process. This way we can live Halowe'en through you.


  2. Hey, Mike!
    I checked with someone I know in the commercial display business. He could not remember anything in plastic sheeting that glows under black light, but he recommended this place: They carry lots of all kinds of plastics. There is also something called Clearphane sold by Highland Supply in Highland IL. That stuff is rolls of colored clear plastic like they use in florist shops. Maybe they have something more black light reactive.
    I also found a can of glow in the dark hair spray. I'll check it out tonight and let you know how it works.
    Hope this is useful.


  3. Very intriguing, and very cool of you to be looking into it. Thanks for the footwork, haha! Keep me posted.

  4. Hey, Mike!
    I think I found something you might be able to use. The costume section of my local display company had some black light reactive hairspray. It goes on clear and shows up very brightly under UV light--I just tried it. It is marketed by Amscan inc,. and the three oz can retails for about $3.00. You might be able to find it at a local costume shop.

    All the best,