Saturday, August 1, 2009


What's a decent pub without someone spinning a yarn, trying a rhyme, reciting some long-remembered tale? Here, I'll refill everyone's cup on the house.
Pull up your stool, gather 'round, and listen to The Headless Rider, composed for me by a dear friend as a birthday gift this year.

Original stamp issued for Tarrytown NY, October 10, 1974

The Headless Rider
He who rides without a head, rides best with the werewolf moon.
When riding at night, he will delight those dwelling in the black lagoon.
Swiftly rides he through graveyard fog; some wonder of his fate.
Three cheers are said from the living dead (they love his mental state!).

His silhouette against the moon, his steed as black as night.
Children of the corn, they have no scorn and applaud with great delight!
He races on in the shadow dark, this night of the living dead.
How very odd; did Sweeney Todd, perhaps, lop off his head?

Could it be, the body snatchers slightly missed their mark?
The head was taken, the body forsaken; he rides on in the dark.
Trees are swaying in the wind; an owl hoots from a limb.
Jekyll and Hyde would take such pride if they could ride with him.

He rides with so much elegance... this rider is no slob.
His old friend Gort thinks he's a sport. So do Chucky and The Blob!
He gallops past the Swamp Thing, and quickly passes The Fly.
In all that gauze the Mummy will pause; all wave a fond goodbye.

The wind will scream! A tree will fall! He keeps a steady pace.
Zombies won't flinch, it is a cinch, he's loved by all their race.
Great oak limbs break in the howling wind; he rides on through the batter.
Where is his head? He should be in bed (has he no thinking matter?)!

In the chambers of Count Dracula, he's welcomed with much glee.
That awesome Bat will tip his hat to a rider such as he.
The House of Wax has a light on; but no respite does he seek...
Does he ride to haunt? What does he want? If only he could speak.

Do you really think he's looking for a head that he can chop?
Does he have a plan, this headless Man? Must he always clippety-clop?
Beneath the shining werewolf moon, one night he'll ride past you.
Will you take flight? Methinks you might just feel as the monsters do!

J. M. O'Sullivan, 7/09

A fine poem! Cheers all around!
In honor of this delightful yarn I've added another song to the jukebox -- Bing Crosby's classic Headless Horseman from Disney's 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow'.

A fine post for August 1st... officially NINETY DAYS until... ....mmmmwahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!



  1. The Headless Rider
    Gallops by
    Thats some nick
    He should have tried
    Burma Shave.

    Thats the best I could do.