Thursday, August 13, 2009

Long ago & far away, the fourth part

The celebration of family Hallowe'ens continues. I told you it would.
My niece sent me a few vintage-ey photographs from the family collection that need to be posted.
First up:
My grandmother's den (as ever!) circa 1974. My mother helping my sister Julie get made up. The ashtray in front of my sister was for liner 'pencils' that you heat with a match for smoother application; they weren't getting ready for a mother-daughter smokefest (the presence of bongos notwithstanding).
Off to the lower left is my brother Joe.

This next is about ten years later. Same sister Julie, with foam latex face appliances made by Stan Winston. Really. A story for another time (I'll get to it, promise; it's not necessarily what you think)... but here she is looking, as my grandmother said, like Ruth Bullington. If there is anyone besides my family reading this, who knows who Ruth is, you'll agree and find it as funny as I do.

And last (for the moment), is a shot from Hallowe'en 1979.

This is perfectly representative of every Venice Hallowe'en night in my memory. LOTS of visitors, waiting patiently for a Dr. Insano sideshow, staring at the graveyard... and this is only one side of the yard! There were as many people on the other side... all night long.

Amazing. 40 years ago this very Hallowe'en, the anniversary of the first Lennon Family Hallowe'en at Grandma's house in Venice.

I have lots to tribute!

Do any of you have old Hallowe'en pics like these you don't mind sharing? Really, send them along. This is our meeting place, after all. I have all this family stuff proudly displayed on the dimly lit walls of this homely and welcoming pub... but I would love to start displaying the images and stories of the small but growing family who gather here at the Skull & Pumpkin.


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