Thursday, August 27, 2009

The art that scared me just right, the third part.

Everyone's still comfortable? Food and drink still worthy?

Any lover of dark fantasy, horror and related 'things' must have deep regard for the incredible Ray Bradbury.
I discovered Bradbury's singular kind of magic in a well-read (and well-worn!) paperback copy of The October Country when I was 10 or 11 years old.
Therefore, I have for just as long been enthralled with the highly-stylized work of the remarkable and unique Joseph Mugnaini (1912 – 1992).

The American hardcover first edition of The October Country (1955).

Detail. I LOVE that lizard thing.

His very distinct style graced numerous Bradbury publications since their meeting in 1952; the short story collection 'The Golden Apples Of The Sun' was their first collaborative work in early 1953.

I would stare at the lines and spaces, trace my finger along his winding streaks, once I finished the particular story it was illustrating, and find in my mind's eye things the artist did not intend nor even ink, but things living in the shadows he'd created. Things, I slowly realized, I had created.
It was inspiring and revelatory.

What else do you think lives in the shadows here, hidden from The Wind?

How many faces can you find? And do they all belong to The Dwarf?

The children fly in search of their lost best friend Pip in The Hallowe'en Tree (1972).The Hallowe'en Kite, derived from The Hallowe'en Tree, painted for a portfolio in the early Eighties.
"From the sides of autumn barns rip sections of old circus posters, shreds of tigers 'teeth, bits and pieces of shrieks and screams, glowers and grimaces - paste it all up on a frame, and go fly that kite, a wild bunch of boys for its tail!"

Modern Gothic, the Mugnaini lithograph which compelled Bradbury to meet with the artist back in 1952.

All of Mugnaini's works seem to whisper for you to come play in their shadows, to find what is hidden there.
I suggest you seek out as much Mugnaini and as much Bradbury as you can, and lose yourself in a little darkness.

Everyone stand up, take a breather, we have a few more to get through before the night is out.

What? You're never leaving? Good!

We can take our sweet time! Pubmaster, get me some more... oh, that's me!


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