Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a bit more candy.

Not a DUMDUMSHREKPOP in the bunch!

I know, I only go there when I need stamps or a 'scrip of the latest 'you're old now, take this' medication.
But hey, Hallowe'en candy is Hallowe'en candy. And when they get their real Hallowe'en goodies... look out!

Autumn Mix. Hallowe'en joy.

Frankenpeanut says 'Melt in hand, baaaad. In mouth, not in hand, gooood!'

You must know that as a Universal Monster kid, I love this.

A Karloff 'Frankenstein Monster' for Hallowe'en. Excellent. Thank you Nestle!

And a few 'new classics':
Pumpkin and Ghost 'Peeps' weren't around when I was a kid ('Peeps' were strictly an Easter thing back in the Stone Age), but they have rapidly become a beloved, marshmallowy-sugary fixture on the modern Hallowe'en scene.

Another concept relatively new (for Hallowe'en treats at any rate), the Mini OREO. Dangerous, dangerous.

These last three images are just simple, pure Hallowe'en.

I don't really eat any of this stuff anymore; well, not much of it and usually only around Hallowe'en! Too much sugar and headachey nausea, but I can taste all of it so vividly. Half of Hallowe'en Day set-up is fueled by Reese's and Kit-Kat anyway!

Oh, and McDonald's. More on that later.

You deserve a break today-

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