Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vintage oddity.

For what type of holiday, event or circumstance would it be remotely appropriate to send a postcard featuring devils chasing and cornering (and in the far fields, poking) vegetable men...?
But it's just plain weird. What's the story behind the scary Devil Men? Why are they so old-faced but strapping-bodied, like a bunch of demonic Jack LaLannes? Why are they seeking to torment (rather than share the night's festivities with) these Pumpkiveggie Folk?

Just what is going on? The Devil in the foreground is all 'I have you right where I want you!' and the Vegetababy is like 'Oh no you don't Mr. Man!' and the people in the house/barn way off in the distance are crouching behind the curtains wrestling with what remains of their sanity because this whole thing is really creepy. I think the house has wet itself in fear. Look.

No date, tho' the feel is early 1900's and not much later.

Love stuff like this.


  1. I love vintage postcards Halloween as well. They seem to fall into three categories: sugary-sweet, romantic (from the days when Halloween meant romance), and creepy to the point of bizarre. I prefer the last category :D