Saturday, January 16, 2010

As promised.

A few subtle changes -- small additions, really -- in honor of visitor #10,000!

TEN THOUSAND. Just sayin'. For some sites, it's a daily thing. For me, it's beyond any expectation.

Thank you all for visiting over these six or seven months... and stick around; there's so much more to do and enjoy.


First change (and most obvious) is a cozy background image, a look at the foyer of the old S&P. Adorning the walls are the odd painting or photo, a frame of horror, a poster of monsters enjoyed from years gone by. You may also see a ghostly guest or two, as they lurk in a corner or wander the warm walkways of this happy place.

You will also notice a bit of visitor commentary to your right; I thought it might be more pub-like to have us all see some recent chatter as we discuss things -- a bit of pub talk overheard near the bar!

There are more posts coming shortly. For now, I'll leave this one very s-p-a-c-e-d so you may get a look at the imagery behind the posts:

Cheers, Spook Out, and as ever... DDSP.

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