Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Something very cool to adorn the shelves of the Skull & Pumpkin -- a toy I once had, lost for years, and now replaced! I just received it in the mail from a good friend who decided to be very cool to li'l ol' me.

This is Hornetroid (as mentioned previously). It is the greatest action toy vehicle ever made (I don't want to hear it). Even the box (which is in great shape for being nearly 30 years old!) is just plain cool. Incredible artwork:

A quick perusal of the box lets you know the features and the coolness you are in for
(for which you... are... in...?):
Get that? No @$#%^^! batteries!

Those were the days. If I'd bought this from a collector today? Nevermind.

Opening the box, removing the foam packing, here's the joy inside:

Bliss! I get to assemble it once more, after 30 years!

Man... how many of these did we have lying about over the years?

And it comes with the original instruction sheet!:

Using it, I'm almost ready...

... and VOILA! Flying-Bug-Toy-From-The-Past wonderfulness.

I used to stare at the purple plastic bubbles on those 'eye' windows for hours...

Here's what it would look like to you if you were an Alien Micronaut piloting this fine machine:

I am happy to see the plastic bullet 'stinger' is still there; it's often missing:

Astonishingly, there is only one missing piece -- the plastic bullet missile above the cockpit:

... and of course it's missing a Micronaut Alien figure (such as Antron) to pilot her!:
I will graciously accept an Antron, a front missile, and any other Micronaut goodness
anyone wants to send me. I am not proud -- I'm a geek.

Such a geek in fact that I have quickly put together this goofy movie of the Hornetroid in action!
SEE! the battery-less flapping wings!
SEE! the manual landing gear drop!
SEE! how any ten year old could've done just this for hours at a time!

(music provided by Richard Wagner and Stan Kenton's band. And by the
way BEST video on the 'blog. Easily.)

Ah, Hornetroid. It's so good to have you back.

A fine post-Christmas surprise from a fine fellow nerd. Thank you kindly... your next few rounds are on the house!

So does anyone else have any stories of rediscovering some childhood treasure? Good pub talk, which is why we're here... bring it on! Send me a comment and we'll get more posts going.



  1. That is cool! I always wanted the Hornetroid. My friend had it and I played with it all the time.

  2. Can't tell you how happy I am to have it again... but then, after that post, I imagine I just DID tell you! Glad you enjoyed the post, and thanks for visiting the ol' S&P. Come back anytime!