Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday miscellany. So good to me.

La laaaa, la la-la la...

Just a bit of Monday morning mish-mash.

Had to come over to the pub and show off my granddaughter by passing a few pictures around.

Here at the S&P we've been doing a bit of redecorating, shifting things around, and in the midst of the madness comes Kiara.

Entering the room, she is behind me (I'm in the middle of dusting a shelf); she spies a ghoul head I'd made for the Night of the Living Dead 'tableau' for Hallowe'en '08.

"Pa, why do you have a total zombie head in here?" The way she says ZOM--beee is so perfectly her; a mix of amusement and utter, nearly adolescent disdain.

Before I even turn around, I grab my camera...

Is that an album cover or what?

What you can't appreciate with just a picture is the sound of her rapid, heavy breathing through her nose as she glowers at me, like the gorilla and Bugs Bunny ("STOP steamin' up my taaaaiil!"). Drama queen at 4...

Trying not to crumple to the cluttered floor in a giggling fit, I ask her (all the while holding the camera to my eye), "Kid, what in the world is your deal? You love that zombie head."

Silence. Snorting breath.

Then a smile begins to tug at the corners of her mouth.

"Got you, Pa!"
She thinks it is absolutely the funniest 'joke' she's ever pulled -- making me think I was somehow in trouble for having a ZOM-beee head in the room. I mean really, she was dyin'!:

A total creep, and a totally proud Pa!

In other, not nearly as cute news...

I finally have a second to show off a few gifts from a good friend, received over the holidays:

Remember when I said I wanted some Scar Stuf? Well, my good friend Dr. Shocker delivered, bringing with the beloved 'Stuf a bit of green, ghoulish Glow Goop.

He also grabbed me a copy of a very fun book, one most Monster Lovin' Kids had in the mid-'70s:

Oh yeah... you'd better know it's another Scholastic masterpiece. I'll give this one a write up soon.

Thanks Dr. Shocker, for the fine gifts.

And thanks, Keek, for the goofiness.

Enjoy your week, everyone. We'll be open any time you need it.



  1. Those pictures are just adorable. Thanks for sharing that story - made me LOL! And I still have the monster makeup book from when I was a kid. I did the werewolf makeup on my youngest brother and he won first place at the school costume contest!


  2. Man, what a grandkid you got there!

    Kiara is a real live wire, isn't she?

    I think you may have a future evil lab assistant for future Halloween productions. It is so great to see the next generation of monster kids starting out right.


    That is right up there with DUMDUMSHREKPOP!


  3. I used to have that Movie Monsters book and would love to get another! Sometimes I see it on Ebay but always get outbid.

  4. I would do the whole book, page for page, in my tribute only I think it's been done (and more than once)... well we'll see. I mean, what the heck, it can't hurt!

  5. She looks adorable, although a tad judgmental in the first photo ;)

    Also, I thought it was the bull who steamed up Bugs Bunny's tail. After he took that wrong turn at Albe-koicky. Just sayin'. It's not like I'm pedantic or anything. Really. :)

  6. Haha! Entirely correct, but now didn't the papa gorilla do the same thing in the short where the mama gorilla thought Bugs was her baby (that whole drunken stork fiasco)...?
    I just seem to recall the 'steamin' up my tail' gag being used a number of times.
    But yes, she is darn near judge, jury and executioner in that first pic!