Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sneak preview...

...for a project coming to this blog very soon.
Those of you from the UMA (that's Universal Monster Army, enlist now!) have already seen this video and are sick of my mentioning it, but for everyone else, here's a prototype (head only) for a new addition to my display. A tribute to our fallen, fabled Father of Monster Fandom, Forrest J Ackerman.
He will be sitting down, wearing a cape, an aloha shirt, white slacks, a Dracula ring, etc., and will be greeting, telling a joke or two, and waxing enthusiastic about monsters and robots. Of course!
I have a lot of the audio together (what you hear on this video was strictly for testing) and have gathered most of the materials I need but I will begin working on a better skull and axis system than I currently have. Also, new eye and eyelid movement is in the works.
Of course I will post WIP images as I get going; it will be a little later in the summer.
But for now, a sneak preview never hurt anyone.

P.S. If anyone has any Forry audio they think is truly unique or RARE (I swear I must have just about everything available online in my search for phrases and so on) and would not mind sharing some of it with me for this loving (and very non-profit!) tribute, please contact me at headlesshorseman at hauntedmansion dot com. Especially if he speaks about Hallowe'en or actually says Happy Hallowe'en (I have one of him saying it but there's some rather intrusive music underneath and it's muffled as it is, and just not usable).


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  1. I was so impressed when I first saw this at the UMA. The thought that your homage to FJA can get better than this, astounds me. Your work is superb, Mike, and I never tire of seeing it.

    Rich (Cinemacabre)