Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On with the show.

A few weeks later, October 31, 2006. Just before sundown, when I have three seconds to get into my own outfit and snap a few pics. You can see Ghoul's lovely hairstyle and finished look. The old microphones I planned to mount on those stands... wouldn't fit! Isn't that always the way?

I know, the boys look like they're sharing an apron (I suppose they are); by nightfall it was very unobtrusive and in fact, I have yet to hear a single mention, pro- or con-, about their legless state, in three Hallowe'ens.
Sure, I always want to build bigger, better bodies <*ptui!*> for them, but other stuff is more important, obviously (or I would've done it already!). I mean, seriously, why fix what no one thinks is broken -- especially when you've got a dozen life-sized ZOMBIES to create?

Onto the zombie horde...

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