Monday, June 22, 2009

It's A Great Pumpkin...

Not THE Great Pumpkin, because... well, that would be sacrilege. Mine is made of foam, aluminum, brass, hot glue, servo motors, paint, mini-lights. The real one is made of (I assume) rather Greater/more Pumpkin-ey stuff.
And magic.

Not that mine has no magic at all; most kids and not a few grown-ups stare at it as if in a trance, all night long. He's certainly my oldest, best-known and most beloved homebuilt Hallowe'en anim. figure, and a signature of my display each year. Everyone asks "Is the Pumpkin gonna be there?" and I think... need you ask?

Here, he's explaining why I had so many zombies about the place that night ('08); I hadn't done a zombie theme before then, so I thought folks might be confused. It's complicated. Mind your own business.

More to come.

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