Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hallowe'en, Mike C. Style (with a little help from HGTV)

HGTV, in the form of High Noon Productions, came to my house in 2004 to tape my Hallowe'en display as part of a great special, Extreme Halloween. They've shown it every Hallowe'en since. Here's my segment (it was the big finale!). I think it's as fine an introduction to what I do and how much I love the holiday as anything else I could post at the moment.

Of course, my displays are fairly different every year, and the pirates are no longer on the roof; I built the ship for one Hallowe'en, and it heroically lasted a few years longer (serving as a shipwreck 'bar' on our back deck in the summer) but has at last fallen apart.
It was a great prop but getting it on the roof was a pain in the poopdeck and I'm lucky I didn't break my neck (my assistants, Monkey Jack and BDJ, are luckier than I; they nearly did fall off. That's why I get assistants).
The pirates have been in the haunt ever since, but they hang out in the graveyard now, being comic relief, giving life and context to the theme of the night.
I'll post a lot more about Captain Lantern and First Mate Ficketts in the future.
I'll also post about my beloved Pumpkin King.
Oh, and we'll get into my skeleton quartet, the Lean Bros & Ghoul, which I added in 2006.
And if my stars are lucky ones, I'll be giving a work-in-progress series of reports on my spooky animatronic tribute to the father of monster fandom, Forrest J Ackerman.

But all of that is for later.

Spook out-


  1. Wow! That is YOUR house. How cool is that. I loved that show! Cool!


  2. That is soooo cool1 i watched that and thought "this is brilliant!". You must be very proud, and you should be!

  3. My, did this really air eight years ago? Seeing this show, your segment in particular, was one of THE formative experiences that got me into haunting. You have no idea how much I wanted to make my own Great Pumpkin, if only young me could figure out how you had done it...
    I'm so glad you have it recorded. I'll have you know I come by to watch this every now and then.