Friday, June 26, 2009

A musical moment.

If you viewed the 'Hallowe'en Mike C. Style' post, (or have actually seen the HGTV special over the years) then you have heard at least some of the 'Song of the Flyin' Banshee'. I wrote it as a lark, using silly lyrics and stealing melodic motifs from various sources; I'm not proud.
The singing is a half-dozen tracks of me (as Captain Lantern and other voices) and a half-dozen tracks of my good friend Adam Fickett, who is the voice of First Mate Ficketts. He also co-writes all of our funny banter, and we have a great time once a year laying down all this silly stuff in one evening.
At any rate, onto this post. See, the Flyin' Banshee was their beloved ghost ship, and in reality was built for a single Hallowe'en. It began to fall apart not long after, and became a part of our deck for a time. But its Hallowe'en use ended after two years. So by 2006, the Captain and Ficketts had no ship to sail, and we decided to write a Lament of the Flyin' Banshee, that they could tearfully sing, and the Lean Bros & Ghoul would join in.
Since 2006, the story has been that the pirates no longer have a ship so they must stay here at our house but they have to do chores and so on, and sing and entertain on Hallowe'en, as a kind of 'rent'.
I have not found full video of the song (I do have the audio file for it, of course) but I do have this bit from Ficketts' wistful bridge section ('The wind in her sails, her rrriggin' so fair, the smell of her poooooop deck...') to the final verse. Harmonies and all, it's Adam and I multi-tracked.
Thanks for the great ideas and voices Adam. This is one of my favorite musical creations ever!

Wonder what we're going to come up with this year...

Spook out-

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