Thursday, October 13, 2011


Yes, it's a grand thing to be a grandparent (step- or otherwise).

V and I are always delighted by our granddaughters, at every moment, for every reason.

Yesterday, our 6 year-old grandgirl, Kiara and her 1st Grade class were celebrating Grandparents Day, and we spent an hour in her classroom poring over their accomplishments, listening to storybook readers, and generally being as proud of our grandkid as every other grandparent there was about their grandkid.

What I loved most, though, was how the classroom was modestly but earnestly decorated for Hallowe'en!

They had the kids make these really cute construction paper spiders to hang from the ceiling...

You can see the pumpkin/witch/skull lights to the far left, too!

What we couldn't get pictures of, though, was their 'smartboard' -- it's essentially a computer on a projector that acts like a giant, animated chalkboard -- where the kids all wrote things about their grandparents.

When we read "We play scary games on the computer" and "We like to make Halloween crafts", we immediately knew who had written it! I couldn't have been more proud.

That is, until I read this page in the little book each child had written about their grandparents...


Not that I know who Van Vampire is (she tells me she merely forgot how to spell vampire then wrote it correctly). But HOW COOL IS THIS? What she wants to let everyone know is that she and I love to read monster books!

She also made a card for us, and made sure to inform us she used our favorite Hallowe'en colors!

My little Monster Kid (wearing her purple-black skull hair clip procured at Monsterpalooza!):

Happy, happy Pa.


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  1. You should be proud and hats off to those teachers that allow this gran Holiday to be celebrated in school!