Saturday, October 29, 2011

Diggin' up goodies...

... and settin' up for spooky fun!

Oh wait, I found this old picture in the attic and knew I had to put it up for the weekend for loyal S&Per DeeDee:

And fellow S&Pers, let's give a warm Skull & Pumpkin welcome to our newest loyal pubgoer, Katie! She runs the sweet Little Barn Owl blog, and is definitely one of us crazy Autumn People. Free rounds for Katie all weekend long.


Two days away.



  1. I am so glad you were the one to put the name to Nosferatu! I first saw the movie in New York City set to a live great! Thanks for commenting... =)

  2. That would've been amazing to see! Reminds me of a night many years ago, just a few nights after Hallowe'en if I'm not mistaken, when we went to see the original Lon Chaney 'Phantom of the Opera' being screened at the San Bernardino Playhouse with a live organist... pure magic!

  3. Horror has it's ultimate, and I am it.