Friday, March 26, 2010

The ghoul goes west, part one.

Sorry to have been away, but I know you can help yourselves and keep the place (relatively) clean and pub-like.
But I've been involved in some musical/recording work, a few voice-over sessions (more to come about that, very monstery-fun!) and now another very neat 'happenin'.

This is so cool.

I've just gotten off the phone with a kind fella named Eliot Brodsky who happens to own/run/organize a 'little' classic horror convention in Burbank known as MONSTERPALOOZA, which for 2010 is coming up in just a few weeks.

Click the name, go to the site, and understand that this massive convention was a huge success last year (I had a blast!), exhibiting some of the finest Hallowe'en and horror artists in the world, as well as the greatest make-up artists and mask makers (and collectors!) of the age.

Well, Eliot happens to be a fellow soldier in the Universal Monster Army (enlist now!) and recently happened upon pictures and video I'd posted there last Fall to display my dear, devilish Uncle Forry...

 ... and Eliot thought it would be a neat idea to have me come out to MONSTERPALOOZA with my Forry animated skull to display in the Forrest J Ackerman section of this year's monster Museum! 

He will be on display the entire weekend, amidst some of the real Uncle Forry's personal items and memorabilia, provided by Mr. Ackerman's long-time personal assistant Joe Moe. According to Eliot, Joe loves the idea and believes that Forry would have gotten a big chuckle out of my skeletal version of him.

I am so excited -- it will be a real thrill to be a part of such a fun and fine tribute to the late, great, pioneering hero of Horror and Sci-Fi (he coined the term!) fandom.

So, the Ghoul is going west. For a weekend.

I am now spending some serious time making sure he will work as reliably as I can make him work, and I will need to pack him very well and ship him out ahead (ba-dump-bump!) of time with all of his power supplies and so on. This all sort of spun up just in the last week so my head is swimming a bit.

Boy! I figured I'd just made him for a hobby project to run on Hallowe'en nights... and now this?
I'm so happy that I can extend the tribute to the people who really knew the man, and that I can give a little Hallowe'en Forry to the classic horror lovers attending the convention.

An honor, and a very high point for the Skull & Pumpkin.

Now pacing, praying that everything stays bolted, wired and running right!

This is one hell of an audience.



  1. Well done!

    I always knew you'd come out ahead!

    As you lnow, there was some discussion on UMA regarding a tribute to Forry. Someone suggested an ad in Famous Monsters(the new generation or revenant--take your pick).
    I've been thinking that you created the best Forry tribute yet. You brought him back to us for a visit.

    You two will be a hit there!
    Take plenty of pictures, send postcards!

    We'll hold down the fort while you're gone.

    DDSP and O'ZOM-beeee!


  2. Very exciting! Looking forward to reading about the ghoul's adventures :)

  3. I'm so happy that your mad creation will be on display there! It's amazing!

    Forry Lives Eternal!

  4. SO cool! Is he coming here first? We'd be honored....