Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Starin' o the green.


A foine, foine day to be in a pub, aye?

And let's not be forgettin' that the Irish, upon coming to America, are most responsible for giving us Hallowe'en as we know it.

Ireland and All Hallow's -- it's almost like you can't remove the one from the other...


... and it might be exceedingly dangerous to try...

I found him! O'ZOM-BEEEE!

Happy Feast of Saint Patrick, dear S&P patrons; green-dyed libation on the house!

And Happy Birthday, Julie.



  1. And a Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! :D

    A good day indeed to remember the origins of many of our Halloween traditions. Yet another reason to celebrate my (imaginary) Irish heritage. :D

  2. An' a top o' the mornin' ta ye! An' ain't ye the finest pub landlord there is! And glad to see O'ZOM-beee lookin' so good! What a find!

    And Halloween Spirit: When I was in Ireland many years ago, I was informed that there were two types of Irish: Irish by blood and Irish by Inclination!

    And by way of offering an addition to a real Ceideigh, here is a link to the Chieftains, Altan and The Corrs. "Toss the Feathers," "Sweeny's Polka" and "Dennis Murphy's polka." Once 'round the parlour and mind the cupboard!

    Slainte!! And Erin go bragh!

  3. Excellent link, Fester! The Chieftains, the Corrs... does me ol' heart good!

    Hallowe'en Spirit, Fester's right -- for some, the Irish is always in the bloodstream, for others it's only temporarily coursing through (ahem!), but today of all days, we're *all* Green.

    And certainly, anyone who celebrates Hallowe'en (especially as much as WE MANIACS do!) has to have at least a nip of real Ireland in there somewhere, all the year...

  4. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!

    LOVE that zombie leprechaun - oh my that is fantastic.


  5. That was a actually a birthday cake made by Karen Portaleo -- click the 'source' link under the image for the story. I found it and thought it was hilarious!