Monday, March 15, 2010

Not that anyone was worried...

... but I feel like I've been away far too long.

An empty pub doesn't make for much excitement, does it?

I've been into other silliness elsewhere -- and a few of the features I've been planning are being held up a bit because of it. Makes me feel cold...

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't visit; our house is yours, you all know that. There are things you've probably not read or seen or heard still crouching in the shadows, lingering in hallways, hiding in the dark behind a candle flame.

Come haunt and hang. I reserve the blood red ruby port for myself, but every other bottle is fair game, and on the house until I return. 
(I'm pretty generous with the make-believe hootch, ain't I?)

Anyway, I hope you are all well and making ready for Spring to... uh, spring

We'll have a fine evening here for the Feast of St. Patrick, though with a decidedly All Hallowed's twist...



  1. And they're proper imperial pints--not those wussy yankee glasses.

    Don't worry 'bout leaving us to close-up Mike. We reg'lars know where the light switch is, and some of us remember how to tap a keg. We'll be happy to hold down the fort whenever you're needin' ta pop out fer a bit.



  2. Ah....but ruby red port is my favorite! :D

    Thanks for the invite and the inspiring photos.


  3. Alright, then... I'll share my ruby red port with Her Majesty the Frog Queen ('cause come on, Queen of the Frogs!)... shall it be Sandeman or Cockburn, ma'am?

  4. Never realized just how creepy an empty pub could look. I'll be in the booth beside the window. Right behind the salt and pepper mills.