Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's the little things.

Welcome, loyal S&P-brains!

I sure hope a fun and festive Fourth of July weekend was had by all. I know we had a marvelous time here at the S&P.

One thing I've always loved about July 4th is that it's only three days out from my birthday.

As a kid, this was a real boost. Everyone was together enjoying family fun and when it had to end, I'd just think  that's okay, in a few days I'm going to celebrate all over again! and any sadness about wrapping up Independence Day was gone.

So... tomorrow's the big day.

But last night my lovely V and Kiara and the family put together a very nice evening of food and fun that I was not at all expecting.

They even pulled out the Hallowe'en decor just for the occasion, right in the middle of Summer.

So... d'you think these people know me?

Two of my favorite tablecloths.

My nephew, the famous Mr. Jack, picked this other Jack to be my drink goblet all night.

The same Mr. Jack also put this pirate skull together for a beautifully
buccaneerin' centerpiece.

I have to admit, though, my favorite thing all night had to be
this truly unique pumpkin cake made mostly by hand
mostly by my granddaughter Kiara!
No, I did not make her put 43 candles on it.

But look at this thing:
Atop the cake is an iced marshmallow stem, and the surrounding images
are a bat (upper side) and the pumpkin's jack o'lantern face at the bottom (he has
very purpley-black rouge cheeks, don't you know?). It was a bundt cake, so
she filled the center with a mix of icing, mini marshmallows and graham
crackers... delicious!

Pirate skull, Kiara and a spoooooky pumpkin-faced cousin o'mine await the 
carving of the Great Pumpkin Cake.

I really am a lucky fellow. To be surrounded by loving family and friends who know and understand my love for Hallowe'en is fortunate enough; to have them share that love is a true blessing.

Hallowe'en in July. Just one of the perks (and quirks) of living the life I live.

I just wish it didn't have to be so humid and hot.


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