Saturday, July 10, 2010

A world of granddaughters and monsters!

Don't want to interrupt any conversations at the bar, but I thought you might want to indulge a grandfather -- well, a Pa, I should say -- and take a quick look at these pics taken on my birthday.

My cousin Tommy (thank you so much!) was able to wrangle about a dozen family members into riding the Castle of Chaos adventure and a visit to the Hollywood Wax Museum.

At the museum, Kiara begged me to take photos of her with these figures...

Frankenstein, Dracula, Leatherface (I know! But she wanted the picture!) and her favorite, the Mummy... which must be pronounced "MUM-aaaaayyyy" as in the 'It's The Mummy' song from the Mad Monster Party soundtrack.

Proud Pa. Proud, proud Pa.



  1. Looks like a good time place. Especially for Kiara. She is a real monster kid--you can see it in her eyes.
    Gonna make her Pa proud

    DDSP and MUM-aaaaayyyy!!

  2. Great pictures! She's a natural :)