Friday, July 9, 2010

Old tubes, part two.

Remember that radio I told you about?

It has arrived.

Somehow, this vacuum tubed beauty either has the remains of a million old radio thrillers and chillers somewhere in its filaments and capacitors, or it only picks up signals not heard over the air in half a century.

A beautiful dial... perfect for this ol' pub!

As I moved it into position between the bar and the library, I noticed a hum coming from its massive old speakers, even though it wasn't even plugged in yet!

Apparently it was finding a few old shows for us to try out... and they're just perfect for us!

First, a Hallowe'en Masquerade Party as thrown by the perennial cheapskate, Jack Benny, on October 29th, 1939. Classic and classy!

Then, a terrifying tale from the archives of the incredible Arch Oboler and his famous Lights Out! program. Listen as two less-than-upstanding con men travel through a desolate jungle, trying to avoid the fangs of The Spider, (sorry Frog Queen!) originally broadcast in June of 1938.

It's awfully neat to have this beauty in our li'l ol' S&P... and I hope you choose to listen to it often, as programs change and new (well, new to us at any rate!) shows begin to spill from the speakers.

For sheer impact and involvement, radio is superior to movies and television, if only because in our minds' eyes, the pictures are so much better.




  1. Mike, This is so cool!

    Radio was always the theater of the mind. And boy can our minds conjure up some wild things.

    Thanks for adding this great feature!


  2. Nice addition! I'm a huge fan of old time radio. Arch Oboler's shows are some of my favourites.