Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm sitting here listening to vintage scary tunes, with sconces lit and monster movies in the DVD queue... and while that might seem like any night at the ol' S&P, it's not quite so.

It seems your humble pubmaster is celebrating another trip around the Sun.

42's pretty grand, isn't it?

A friend of mine sent me the above image... must say, I'm really loving it! Don't know who Uuuaahh is, but what the heck -- it's the thought that counts.

By the way, I DID get the radio mentioned in this post, and will get it up and running soon (old radios need a lot of tender loving care before they can really shine!) -- another few days at most -- and then you'll all be very happy!

It's a remarkable thing to be living in this crazy world, and enjoying the sun's setting as much as its rising. We who love the dark, the odd, the decidedly different, tend to have a tougher road than others... but it's worth it.

Thanks again, Mom and Dad. I cannot return the gift of Life, but I'll always be grateful.

Be yourselves. Be who you wish to be. Just BE, trust me. Being is easier and better than becoming.

And never, ever let 'em think they've won.

Drinks on the house.



  1. Happy Birthday...being "the answer" is a good thing. And you are 100% right. Being is better than becoming. Well said.


  2. Happy Birthday Uuuaagg!

    But I always thought your name was Mike . . . oh well, live and learn.

    There is a group up north of me(in Alberta--I'm in Washington) who can put it a lot better than I:

    Hope you had a good one!


  3. Hahahaha! Excellent, Fes! I am still trying to get my brain around the sublimity of 'Your life still isn't over'... what a lyric!