Monday, July 12, 2010

Old tubes, part three.

Oh, the things we Hallowe'en Kids can hear at the altar of classic radio; the things that scared our parents, our grandparents, before we were around...

I overheard some quiet heterodyne squeals and crackles during the night and now, sure enough, the ol'  Hallowe'enith console radio at the S&P somehow has a few more programs for our pubbin' pleasure.

Whether the old tuner pulled them out from thin air or from inside its dusty, glowing chassis is beyond me, but here are two more fantastic old shows.

First is a March, 1933 episode of the series The Witch's Tale called The Graveyard Mansion; the show's as awesome as the title!

Then comes a fine fable from the series The Weird Circle, an odd little story called The Haunted Hotel, which originally aired in May of 1945.

Please listen and enjoy... and maybe on your next visit to the ol' place, you can bring your own Hallowe'en kids or Hallowe'en grandkids and we can all share a quiet evening of old school chills and lo-fi thrills.


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