Saturday, July 2, 2011


Ah, July.

The hot, heady month at the heart of the season.

Full of sweat, sand, sandals, flips and tops, dips, dives, dogs, beer, burgers, barbecues, and all that other alliterative stuff we all hold near and dear when Summer is in full swing.

Oh, and fireworks. Gotta have fireworks.


July is the month when Americans become a little more American, our thoughts a little fuller of apple pie, baseball (well, some of you anyway) and all the other icons of our national identity.

You think those don't look right? Unpatriotic? Hey, NO holiday is more American than Hallowe'en.

"You're darn tootin'!", says Other Skeletal Uncle Sam Picture.
A new month brings a few new tunes to the ol' jukebox, as always.

Now, Summer is Summer is Summer, and many of June's summery tunes are going to remain in the player for the duration. Nothing wrong there.

I had to add a few slightly more July-ish, patrioticky tunes.

First, one must agree that America's Heartland seems to constantly express it's love for all things American, and in my home state of Missouri, there's a little burgh that epitomizes the small town America we all wish we could have spent our growing years.

In this town, they create musicals about the greatness of small town America.

Let's hear it for Blaine, Missouri and the Overture to their sesquicentennial masterpiece Red, White & Blaine!

Nothing says 'America' more to me than Blaine!

Of course, not all of Summer is holiday panic.

Sometimes, especially in the Hot Times, you gotta cool off.

Be cool.

Joe Cool. A bit more Vince Guaraldi Peanuts magic is always welcome here. Just for a rest before we head back to Blaine again for their patriotic Blaine Panthers Fight Song!

Lastly, we have another Fanfare from our beloved Mad Monster Party (1967) soundtrack, chosen because it's what's playing right as the island... wait, have you seen it yet? I don't want to spoil anything!

Just know that this music is perfect for firework-ey explosions!


July is Summer, which is Party Time, which is so perfectly America.
Enjoy your holiday weekend, everyone. 

And enjoy the season... because it won't last. 

                                                                 Fall is only sleeping.


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