Thursday, July 28, 2011

More back to basics.

Because it's what we need.

We're here because of Hallowe'en.

Here at this pub, yes, but for most of us, here in life because all the things we hold dear that are so wrapped up in the magic of Hallowe'en are what sustain us, are what keep us desiring, achieving, moving forward in difficult times.

And anyway, a good look at the more classic aspects of our shared madness for Autumn's Holiday is always in order.

This time, a brief look at old ways to dress for All Hallow's.

These can all be seen around the 'net, and one or two have already been seen here before. I don't claim to own or know the real history behind any of them.

Other photo blogger types have done the 'vintage costume' thing so many times and so much better than I could ever try... but what of it? Each is so creepy, so perfectly symbolic of so much that is inherent in Hallowe'en that we should all do it far more often.

Just look at the simple, nameless, purely Hallowe'en-derived awesomeness in these few images...

This last merely casts in cold iron a point made terrifyingly clear to me in each of these photos -- even as a grown man, I have no problem admitting that if I was approached by ANY of the costumed revelers in these images I would be running very, very fast in the opposite direction.

Seriously. Go back and look carefully at each face. Freaking terrifying.

Especially this last.

So yes, every one of these masks is just perfect.
Perfectly Hallowe'en.

Basic is so very good.


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  1. I'm with you! There are few things creepier than vintage Halloween masks.