Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Alien-iversary.

Oh, I know it's not really all that Hallowe'en-ish.

Not at first glance anyway.

But you can't deny the impact this film made on Hallowe'en costuming... for 25 years.

Yes, it's been TWENTY-FIVE YEARS to the day since the unveiling of the incredible sci-fi-horror-action rollercoaster ride, Aliens!
I saw it that very night at one of our area's very first all-stereo-THX-big-screen theatres, with half a dozen friends, and will never forget that night. Pure adrenaline, pure admiration, and pure Ripley magic.


From various Alien lifeforms to Space Marines to the superheroine Ripley herself, Aliens has certainly, inextricably woven itself into the fabric of our fantasies, and that easily includes Hallowe'en costumes, themes and effects.

There are guys making their own powerloader suits for various conventions and yes, for Hallowe'en.

Aliens. 25 years of Game over man! and Get away from her you bitch!

Of course, we'll have this one running all day long here at the ol' S&P. 

To you, Ripley.

Happy anniversary. 



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